Borders Estate

Borders Estate is one of lowland Scotland’s greatest estates, and it extends to 127,000 acres. It includes non-adjoining areas such as Melrose’s famous Eildon Hills, East Buccleuch, Branxholm and Eckford. Branxholm Castle, near Hawick, was the Scott family base for some 500 years throughout the turbulent period of Border raids.

Bowhill House lies in a beautiful setting a mile above the confluence of the Ettrick and Yarrow Rivers, two of the tributaries of the famous River Tweed. This is the heart of the ancient Ettrick Forest, a favourite hunting ground for the Kings of Scotland for hundreds of years. Newark Castle, one mile north of Bowhill, was used as a hunting lodge.

The original Bowhill House was built in 1708, but was completely remodelled in 1812. There were many additions to the House during the 19th century and over this period it evolved to become the natural home of the Scott family. The grounds around the house were extensively landscaped during the 19th century, including the creation of a scenic loch.

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