Portrait Miniatures Collection

A new exhibition of some fifty jewel-like portrait miniatures from the internationally renowned Buccleuch Collection, including some never-before-seen pieces, are on display at Bowhill House.

The collection, which can be seen as part of a guided tour of the house, was co-curated by His Grace and Dr Stephen Lloyd (former Senior Curator of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and an international authority on portrait miniatures) and are exhibited using the latest display cabinets and lighting techniques. This allows the miniatures (regarded as the most important collection in private hands, excepting that of the Royal Collection) to be seen in their proper glory for the first time.

The collection features the famous unfinished portrait of Oliver Cromwell by Samuel Cooper and fine examples of the art form, dating back to the 1520s including a masterpiece by Hans Holbein. Subjects depicted in the portrait miniature collection range from Kings and Queens to cats and dogs, displaying the versatility and brilliant eye for detail of these extraordinary skilled artists.

The miniatures exhibition can only be seen when booking a guided tour of Bowhill House. See our opening times and prices page or group visits page for details