Enjoy some fine fishing at Bowhill

The River Ettrick is a tributary of the famous River Tweed. The valley offers a picturesque setting and some rewarding fishing.

The Ettrick water winds for 12 miles from the March pool through high hill ground to the lower beats of the enchanting Ettrick Valley. Here, at Meetings Pool it joins with the River Yarrow in some lovely rolling scenery. The Ettrick has 12 miles of mainly double bank fishing with 80 named pools providing fishing for a maximum of 18 rods on a beat rotation basis.

The River is divided into five beats which vary in topography and scenery. We do not offer a full ghillie service, but our knowledgable staff will be able to direct clients to the most suitable beat for their needs on booking. For newcomers to the river, staff are available to show clients how to access the pools and provide information on local conditions.

If you prefer loch fishing you’ll find that the Bowhill Lower Loch offers a serene day’s sport. The Loch is stocked with locally sourced trout, and there are two boats available for use by anglers.

Booking for fishing

You can visit or call the Bowhill Estate office on 01750 book.