Ranger Service

Ranger Service

If you want to get more out of the walks, wildlife and woodlands of the Estate, have a word with our Rangers. They’re our resident countryside experts and they keep an eagle eye on a range of flora and fauna, from indigenous trees and wild flowers to red squirrels and bats.

Our Rangers are on hand throughout the year to guide visitors on woodland walks. Come along and we’re sure you’ll find their nature knowledge and enthusiasm to be irresistibly infectious.

Our Rangers are also good at showing schoolchildren how a working country estate manages conservation and wildlife. They can involve your school group in many activities that will make learning fun.

Away from the public eye, our Rangers actively help wildlife by, amongst other things, carefully tending bird and bat boxes.

Ranger Clubs

Here at Bowhill our Ranger runs three different clubs for children and families.  For more information visit our Ranger Clubs page.

Could you volunteer with our Rangers?

Do you love the countryside? Want to learn new skills or refresh some old ones? Got some time you’d like to put to good use? Then why not volunteer with our Ranger Service? We are always looking for willing volunteers to get stuck in with our projects, such as surveying wildlife, maintaining paths, small construction jobs and much more.

To find out more, please contact the Buccleuch Ranger Service on 01750 22204 or email bowhillranger@buccleuch.com.

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