The Exhibition

Visitors to Bowhill House can see rare Victorian artefacts in Bowhill’s exhibition space. Entitled ‘Love and Respect in the Victorian Age’, it showcases a range of around 70 items including silver, porcelain, jewellery, books and manuscripts, paintings and miniatures.

This dedicated exhibition venue at Bowhill enables greater access for visitors wishing to view items from the world-renowned Buccleuch Collection.

Bringing history to life

This stunning collection tells the story of Walter Francis Montagu Douglas Scott, 5th Duke of Buccleuch and Lady Charlotte-Anne Montagu Douglas Scott, 5th Duchess of Buccleuch.  There marriage in 1829 lasted until his death over half a century later. As he neared the end of his life, he reflected to his ‘dearest Char’, that, ‘I would never have loved you so much had I not respected you more.’

Many of the items on display in the exhibition were personal gifts between the pair, including an array of ‘objects of vertu’.  Small, precious and whimsical little objects with exquisite decoration made by craftsmen to show their virtuosity.

Exhibition highlights

Alongside the ‘objects of vertu’ are incredible historical pieces such as the Mayflower Tiara.  A diamond, gold and silver tiara which was been worn by many of the family’s brides on their wedding day. The exhibition also includes a letter from Queen Victoria to Lady Charlotte-Anne and travel journal written by the 5th Duke.

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