Moy Mackay

Thursday 01 Aug - Saturday 31 Aug

This summer we are delighted to welcome renowned artist Moy Mackay to the Courtyard Gallery at Bowhill. Discover a colourful selection of felt and stitch creations, with opportunities on selected dates to meet the artist.

In addition to Moy’s celebrated works, we are delighted to be exhibiting some of Val Fergusons unique sculptures.

Moy Mackay Biography

Since graduating from the Glasgow School of Art in 1990, Moy Mackay has earned a stellar reputation for her integrity, dedication, and remarkable talent. Her unparalleled eye for colour and texture has set her apart. An award-winning artist and published author, Moy has pioneered ‘felt paintings,’ a unique twist on the ancient craft of felting. By using merino fibers like a painter uses brushstrokes, each of her vibrant and vivid pieces exudes a warmth and texture that paint alone can’t achieve.

Moy Mackay Artwork

Val Ferguson Biography

Val draws her inspiration from the landscape and the plants within it. She finds endless ideas in the changing seasons, especially the early stages of winter and its varied silhouettes, and is continually amazed by the patterns nature reveals.

As an artist, Val strives to create work that resonates with her and others, capturing the beauty of the landscape. By depicting organic subjects in unique mediums, she challenges our perception of nature. In an era of ongoing environmental destruction, her intricate metalwork highlights the poignant beauty of manual craftsmanship, reminding us of what we are losing.

In her textile art, Val layers sheer fabrics and incorporates metals such as copper, copper mesh, bronze brass mesh, and mild steel. Recently, she has embraced woodturning, eager to expand her versatility. True to her style, she often includes metal elements in her woodwork as well.

Val Ferguson

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