Solar Panels Installed

A new ‘green’ addition to the Estate Office at Bowhill, part of the wider Borders Estate. Following on from the AD Plant and Ground Source Heat Pump, Bowhill now boasts 66 ground-mounted solar panels.


A new 'green' addition

Offices on Buccleuch’s Borders Estate are now powered by solar energy, thanks to the newly installed solar arrays at both Bowhill and Langholm.

Conscious of our environmental commitment, colleagues at Buccleuch actively manage our impact and look for ways to ensure the decisions we make are sustainable for the future. Renewable energy on the estates is a great way to do this.

A combined 33,772Kwh of renewable energy per annum will be generated by the 32 roof-mounted panels at Langholm and 66 ground-mounted panels at Bowhill, powering the estate office, and reducing electrical costs by 40%.

The energy will also power the electric vehicle charging points at the estate offices, recharging the estate’s fleet of electric vehicles.

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