Ranger Diaries: Spring at Bowhill

Some days it may still feel like winter, however an abundance of daffodils and lambs in the fields say otherwise! As we get ready to welcome you, there is a vibrant energy building at Bowhill.

Spring life at Bowhill House
Andy and Pine Marten Group

Wildlife Watch

As winter turns to spring, it’s a great time of year to check for wildlife, with the wet muddy ground making it easier to find paw prints and the leafless trees making it easier to spot nests and squirrel dreys…

Happy ladies with Wreaths

Spring Creativity

Following on from the established and successful winter wreath making, we thought something similar but different would work nicely for spring and Mothers Day. Always wanting to use natural materials and heritage techniques, we held our first ever willow wreath session followed by a delicious afternoon tea…

Developments and Maintenance

Later winter into early spring has been a busy time for projects and work happening across the Grounds by all the Bowhill team.

From Dandie Dinmont Walking trails to the preparation and installation of a new Adventure Playground Fort, it’s been all go…

First School Visit of 2024

On a cold, March morning, 30 P1- P3’s were the first set of little learners to visit Bowhill this year. As part of their visit, the children took part in nature and wildlife activities in order to achieve a unique outdoor learning experience…

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