Wildlife and Biodiversity

The sheer variety of habitats at Bowhill means you can expect to see all sorts of wildlife when you visit.

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owl, tree

Come face-to face with wonderful wildlife at Bowhill

Short-eared owls love to hunt on the high moors and mountain hares zip across the hillside heather. Up here in the summer you can sit spellbound, as the haunting calls of curlew and the melodies of the skylark fill the endless blue.

dipper, water

Water-based Habitats

Take a walk along the Yarrow Water and you may well see heron, grey wagtails, kingfishers and dippers out for a spot of lunch. That is if the boisterous otters haven’t scared all the fish away.

red squirrel, tree

Mixed Woodland

In the mixed woodland and lochs around the house you may spot wintering goldeneye, coal tits, nuthatch and crossbill.  And keep a close eye out for red flashes in the forest – it may be an elusive red squirrel.

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Ranger Service

If you’re a nature lover you’ll know that with the dramatic arrival of every season, a new cast of characters takes to the stage.

Our Rangers will also be happy to tell you about recent wildlife sightings and you can also time your visit to coincide with one of our educational events.

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