The Bell O’ The Woods Walk Reopens

Since early in the Victorian era walks were being built to open up areas of Bowhill’s extensive grounds to visitors.  One of these early Victorian paths was the Bell ‘O’ the Woods, which for the past few years has sadly been closed due to forestry and resurfacing works.

However, we are pleased to say we are now ready to reopen the new and improved walk for visitors to explore.  The walk follows the original Victorian route through the open policy woodland to the west of Bowhill House to the lower loch before following the lochs road back to complete the 1.5 mile loop.

path, bluebell
red squirrel, tree

The Walk

Throughout the woodland there is always something to see, from the tiniest insect perched on a bluebell, to the flighty Roe Deer that cut their way through the trees.  If you’re really lucky you may even glimpse the elusive Red Squirrels.

Our Invaluable Volunteers

The task of reopening the path has only been made possible thanks to the help of a variety of dedicated volunteers and groups.  One of the first to tackle the job of resurfacing the path was Works+, a charity dedicated to helping reduce youth unemployment in the area.  Teams of young people came along to learn the basics of path construction, health and safety, and site management. Watch their video capturing the works here.

Unfortunately plans were delayed due to the pandemic however, as and when restrictions allowed, individual volunteers came in to continue the work.  Now, 120 tons of surfacing, 30 volunteers, and a new innertube for our wheelbarrow later we have our path ready to open!

We hope you will enjoy walking this peaceful route through the policy woodlands of Bowhill!

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